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Cassandra Watson

Cassandra began her career in Long-Term Care in 2014. She has become an expert in standalone, hybrid, and short-term care offerings. Her goal is to never leave someone who wants a plan without one. She feels meaningful coverage is attainable and affordable for most people who see value in long-term care planning. Cassandra has been a regular top producer, qualifying for top producer trips, and has spoken at LTC conferences and for insurance carriers. Cassandra has held the CLTC designation since 2014, and is licensed in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

For Cassandra, it’s important to continually hone her skills and listen to how others run their business. She is always striving to maintain her expert knowledge and understanding of the industry, and she handpicks the products for Platinum LTC Solutions to offer to its agents. In turn, Platinum agents learn and recommend those products to make the best recommendations for their clients. She strongly values independence for agents and has pride in what Platinum offers and how they do it.

“A good agent can make a world of difference for people and their families when they need care.” – Cassandra Watson